Instagram: A Beginners Guide to Reaching Adults on this Playful Platform

Recent studies are indicating that mom’s are using Instagram to follow businesses. In fact, more than 1/2 of Instagram mothers are doing so, according to Social Times author, David Cohen and his cited sources.

Dad’s are in the mix, too!

69% of dads have taken action based on content they see on the network and,
78%  of moms do the same.

United States department stores saw a 2.8% conversion from advertisements within the platform – up from 2/1%

Businesses from cosmetics to auto parts, hair products and sports equipment should take a second look at the playful platform, if they haven’t yet considered it for serious advertising and conversions.

As someone who “trolls” to view photos of friends and “famous”, I am intrigued by this and think, how would I use this for our B2C efforts, when previously I thought -“this just doesn’t hit our demographic.”But now I get it.

At a recent Social media mastermind group, a member said this perfectly. Facebook stresses her out because it’s posts about things that upset her friends, or people who want you to support their cause, or updates on friends’ lives that make her wish for more…on Instagram, she feels relaxed-no pressure, just fun photos and videos that make her smile. Since realizing this, she spends more time on Instagram and even scrolls through right before bed.

So, since I am new to advertising on Instagram, let’s explore this together:

What to advertise? How and What Results are we Seeking?


Based on the statistics, it seems obvious that the items one needs for personal use are the items hitting the mark. As we’ve heard before, think of your customer as a “normal human being–transacting their lives via mobile” just like anyone else; including you.

What are you looking for on mobile? I look for addresses for businesses. It would be cool, if I could come across a legitimate coupon for said business. I look for products, while I am waiting for an appointment. If the transaction can be easily completed, I’ll do it.

So, making the leap to Instagram, isn’t much of a stretch.


Since Instagram is now part of the Facebook conglomerate, I found instructions on how to advertise, there.

What Results are you Seeking?

Like any platform, we have to determine our goals for using Instagram as part of our strategy. Here are some results one can expect, choosing a path will help  determine how to build the ad, which content to use, etc:

Instagram Advertising Solutions Support the Following Objectives

 Clicks to Website

  • Send people to important sections of your website

Website Conversions

  • Get people to take specific actions on your website

 Mobile App Installs

  • Get people to install your mobile app

 Mobile App Engagement

  • Get more activity on your mobile app

 Video Views

  • Tell a story using video

One of the businesses I follow on Instagram is MAC cosmetics. When I have time, I review the “looks” they post and it helps me to think more creatively about my makeup.

What story can you tell with a picture?

How can you have fun on this platform?

A picture tells a thousand words – what do you want to say in a photo or a video?



6 thoughts on “Instagram: A Beginners Guide to Reaching Adults on this Playful Platform

  1. I’ve been a regular follower and content provider on Instagram for about 2.5 years. While it is an extremely great platform for making personal connections, there is tremendous opportunity for businesses. Individuals and companies can use platform to provide free content, engage with customers, share videos of services or pictures of products. It’s also great for event marketing and short organizational updates.

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    1. Thank you for your post! I like what you said about providing free content -if you drop back by to comment, how do you use it for an event? I like that idea and am working with a non-profit organization that could use a little more publicity for its fundraiser


  2. Hi Yvete,

    I like the approach you used this week. It’s easy to forget that it’s not just teenagers and college students on Instagram. While social media and pop culture are relevant and influential forces for young consumers, older consumers (like 40 somethings and moms and dads) have more disposable income. And while Instagram may never become as popular with older groups as Facebook has, people forget that Facebook was originally intended for college-aged users.

    Keeping up with the demographics of each platform, year after year, is vital to assessing which sites best reach your target consumers.

    Great Job.


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    1. Thanks, Kaleb. I think sometimes GEN X are caught in between, too. A lot of their children are on the new platforms and they want to keep up -plus, they grew up with tech evolving, but nothing is really targeted for their they land on Facebook but want to try other things and aren’t so sure how/what…they sort of “ease” into it.. Thx again..


  3. In my opinion, all generations (and even subsets of each) will face this debacle. As a Millennial born in ’87, my preferred platforms include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are plenty of folks born after me (within Generation Y, for instance) who are committed users of apps like Snapchat and Periscope. As more tools become available at our dispense, it will be our challenge as IMC professionals to use an integrated approach that hones in on the demographics we are trying to reach. I believe that as we learn more and more about different subsets, our approach will become increasingly more granular.

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