Video killed the radio star. And, the messenger button!

Video trumps again. But the better news is Vervid- it will help you with your videos 🙂

It’s just part of Facebook’s effort to make their video live stream easily accessible as the trend of people using their smartphones to capture and share video of their lives continues to soar. Messenger doesn’t go away, it just takes a back seat so the video application can be highlighted.

What else do you need to know about this smartphone video trend, thing?

More and more folks are recording in portrait (err. vertical) because it’s just plain easier to hold the phone that way and there’s less moving the phone from left-to-right to make the video adjust to your screen.

94% of the time, we hold our phone vertically.
it’s ergonomically easier.

But then what? Are you someone who doesn’t edit the video or even share it?

You take this fun video with your phone (vertically) –which is great because you can easily share it==but wait, to where?  and what if you just need to share, like, 20 seconds of it for folks to get the gist? If you Snapchat it –it disappears. Periscope it and you have a few steps to save and post somewhere else–it’s no longer spontaneous. And still. It’s too long. It’s not funny unless you cut to the chase.


According to Vervid’s recent studies, the average user that shots video with one hand

  • a) shoots with their native camera app,
  • b) lets that content sit on their phones, never to be shared,
  • c) never edits those clips because there are no editors built for vertical video, and
  • d) if they do share outwardly, it’s to Facebook.

Here’s your VERVID solution@!! I love this 🙂 I promise, it will help with your video posting adventures! Download it from the Appstore. I would have posted an example, but dang it–nothing funny is happening today. Well, I mean that I can post:)

Here’s what Vervid has to say on their blog!

“Vervid solves all of that. For the first time ever, users can import HD video that’s been shot in portrait mode into an editor that’s built for easy, one-handed use that makes video editing as easy as texting. They can stitch together related moments, share them with friends on Vervid, and then share out to Facebook and Twitter. We’re enabling the average user to tell more meaningful stories with the personal video content they’ve captured, and we’re making it easier than ever to archive those moments.” 


Happy video editing and posting on Facebook!




7 thoughts on “Video killed the radio star. And, the messenger button!

  1. Who knew vertical video would be such a trending topic in the emerging media world! I devoted a blog post to vertical video, as well. I’ve never heard of Vervid, so thanks for sharing. After perusing their website and blog, they mention that if YouTube were designed today, it would look like Vervid. Fascinating, right? I think there’s some validity to that statement, though. Nowadays, it’s increasingly difficult to ignore a mass consumer behavioral shift toward video recorded/shot in a natural, portrait mode. Personally, I hate having to turn my phone sideways to watch video, and I often have my screen lock position enabled. It’ll be interesting to see where vertical video takes us in the future!

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  2. It is amazing how technology continues to develop. Vervid is a great tool to edit and share video. I often think about how small businesses can maximize their online marketing to reach consumers. A small business owner does not always have the resources or time to add video to their marketing. Tools like Vervid make it easy for anyone to add professional looking video to their marketing efforts.

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    1. Agree 100% – we are looking to build in a video budget for next year and it’s 10k each at a minimum. It’s editing feature is one of the better features that really makes Vervid a solid solution..


  3. Thanks for sharing about Vervid. Unfortunately, I tried to download it on my Android device and it looks like it hasn’t made it to ‘our’ side yet. At any rate, I picked up on the vertical video trend through a recent article that discussed some of the NYT’s recent efforts. It looks like content develops are seriously running into difficulty as it pertains to creating material that is formatted for various aspect ratios. One article suggested that last year, NYT produced the same film using three different ratios. This is a serious problem that hinders efficiency in the workplace. Will Vervid allow you to export videos for different platforms?

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    1. Daniel – great insights. My understanding is that it does allow for export to different platforms and that’s supposed to be the “beauty” of it..I’ll experiment more and report back 🙂


  4. Yvete,
    Thank you for your blog on Vervid! I honestly had never heard of this new platform before, but I love the idea of it. I looked up the company to learn a little about it. While it was difficult to find many news articles and even new content from Vervid itself, I did find a 2015 article that provided a quote that I think it beneficial for the topics we have been studying. John Whaley from Vervid stated, “What made sense five years ago is completely changing now that we’re shifting our behaviours with these mobile devices we carry in our pockets.” That statement really does ring true to the mobile trends we are learning about. We, as consumers, adapt to our surroundings and the tools we literally have in our hands. This includes our smartphones and the manner in which we use them.

    In case the referenced link doesn’t work, I will leave the link here:

    Thanks, Yvete!

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