Private Eyes. They’re Watching You.

Growing up, most people were taught to protect their social security number, to guard the PIN on their debit cards and to only share their mother’s maiden name with the banks who needed it to verify identity.

Do any of those precautions matter any more?

Today, with Social Media, apps and mobile pay, most people share information freely over the Internet and assume because they’ve entered a complex password that they are protected.

Even when one stops to consider BIG DATA, how much do we really know about what information is being collected about us? Would you ever dream that there are cameras taking photos of your license plate, every time you pass a police car? Whether or not you’ve committed a crime, your license plate information could be stored in a database just in case, one day, it  might be needed.

Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram and most apps being downloaded on to your phone are capturing data about you and using it for the benefit of big companies. On some level, most people understand this, and probably even think it’s mostly because companies want to send us better targeted ads. Yes, good ad targeting is one result. But do we really know what else is being collected?

Take a DATA SELFIE and learn more….

What a genius idea. A new browser plugin has been released that gives people the insight needed. DATA SELFIE shows what information is being collected about you. The creators share that it will help people understand the level of details being collected.

77% of people stated, last year, the Internet is becoming more dangerous and,

75% of consumers thought companies aren’t doing enough to protect our privacy.

It’s in our hands to be responsible for the information we are releasing out into the world, as it always has been. Take precautions and consider what and where you are sharing it before you do.




4 thoughts on “Private Eyes. They’re Watching You.

  1. Love the headline! Data collection is a huge deal. While I do not want to share my information personally and I fall into that percentage that wants to keep my private information private – yet don’t we all so love convenience with mobile apps, tracking cookies telling us that our cart at Target is still filled and waiting for us or that red sweater at The Limited is still available. While I don’t want to give up my online data information – I think I love convenience much more.


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  2. Great topic and approach to such an ever-evolving subject! The thoughts I begin to think about when reading this kind of content are the ones that cause me to cover the camera on my laptop. It’s intimidating to think about how much information is available about a person on the internet. My biggest question with applications like Data Selfie is what happens if/when they are hacked – they have now collected all of this information in one easily accessible place, could this potentially be more dangerous than having an identity theft protection account hacked? Do they offer any kind of security against possible attacks?

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    1. Hi,
      Great question to which I don’t have an answer, except to say that there already are aggregators that are selling our information withour our even realizing what they are selling. Which is why I like this one –it finally gives us some insight as to what companies already have determined about our interests, etc.

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