Personally yours; not Facebook’s

According to recent Pew Research Center data, folks are refraining from sharing as much about their personal lives on Facebook as they did before. Could this make Facebook irrelevant?

The research points to people sending private messages via the messenger app, claiming that because Facebook has become SO popular, people are filtering what they share because it may not be appropriate for all their friends that are now on the social media platform.

I’d be interested in finding out just how many people are also getting the heebie-jeebies about data collection and are refraining because they are catching on to the tracking and not liking it??

Facebook has been trying several efforts to re-engage the audience that they have worked so hard to gather..

Informal Poll

If you’ve stopped posting as freely as you once did, what are your reasons for not posting as much information on Facebook?



2 thoughts on “Personally yours; not Facebook’s

  1. Hi Yvete. This data from Pew described me perfectly. I have a small number of Facebook friends (I have never understood online “friend collecting,” such as with acquaintances). But I still find myself being very cautious about what I post – to the point that I rarely post anything at all anymore. I am much more likely to share an article or link I like than to compose my own post or share my thoughts on something.

    I have read, from various research I have done for our class, that interaction rates are declining of Facebook. From its conception as college-based social tool to its current status the most general and ubiquitous social media platform on Earth, I feel that people ask them self “would I say what I am about to say to every person I know?” In my case, the answer is almost always “no.” Backspace, backspace, backspace, *delete post.*

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    1. Kaleb…exactly. Plus, I’ve been “burned” before..or, surprised by what some of my friends think is ok to post about me…meaning photos that they tag me in. A great night with my best friends is not what I want my boss or people who report to me to see–nothing too crazy, but still!!! caution!! or as you so perfectly captured..backspace, backspace, delete!!

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