Is it just me, or does everything look like it’s Integrated and Emerging?

Perhaps this goes without saying, but Emerging Media seems like just one part of the Integrated “puzzle.” Everything related to the Internet is emerging and integrating. From the social media platforms, to the way we do business, to the way we expect our laptops and operating systems to serve us.

Take for example, the latest update to the MAC operating system – El Capitan, which was released on September 30, 2015. In the simplest of explanations, the update allows you to split your screen, so you can conveniently multitask from the same space, easily personalize your toolbar by super-simplifying the way you “pin” your favorite sites to it, and there’s even a platform that helps you take better notes, like Evernote style.

Consumers don’t even realize what we need until our technology tells us, and by-golly “they” seem to have it right!

Amazon is credited with first figuring out what “customers like you also bought”and helping us with our purchasing decisions. But underneath the innovation and code that serves up these options, is CEO Jeff Bezos philosophy that the customer is always first. So much so that he makes sure that customer convenience is at the center of everything they do and that personalization, trust and proactively offering solutions are all integrated in the way they think about servicing their customers.

According to the Forsee Experience Index Report (FXI), in 2013, “Amazon stands at the top of 100 globally-known brands across seven major industries for best customer experience.”  (Parature, 2013)

They clearly got it right.

From an Integrated Marketing and Communications perspective, if we take our queue from MAC and Amazon, strategically thinking about emerging media can help us to serve up content to our customers in a way that is convenient and personalized. Marketing Automation gets us half-way there, Periscope can be posted to Facebook and Snap Chat can be saved for other platforms. If we continue to strive for getting-ahead of even the newest of these tactics, we’ll be providing content on an emerging media platform before our customers even realized they wanted it there.

Then, I think, we, too, will really have it right.